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GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
2019 Denver Municipal Elections - 2019 Denver Mayoral Elections
2019 Denver Municipal Elections - 2019 Denver Mayoral Elections

2019 Denver Municipal Elections: 2019 Denver - 2019 Mayoral Elections - 2019 Elections VOX Populi - "El pueblo Unido, Jamás Será Vencido"- The People United Will Never Be Defeated. 

Published Oct 22, 2018 2:04 PM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2019 Elections | 2019 Denver Mayoral Election | Denver Mayor Michael Hancock | Against | 2019 Marcus Giavanni A Candidate For Denver Mayor 2019 | Nonpartisan Citizens Candidate 2015 | New Election 2019 | Tuesday | May 7, 2019 Ballot

Marcus Giavanni - 2019 Denver Municipal Elections - - 2019 Elections and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock for the 2019. Denver Mayoral Elections. In the 2019 Denver Municipal Elections, the establishment, and others who claim they are not establishment, but really are. Can no longer bullshit Denver Citizens for the 2019 Elections. 

Does any candidate have real platforms that will show Denver Voters, who is truly worthy to become the next Denver Mayor in 2019. Should the 2019 Denver Mayoral Elections be one that goes down in history of returning Democracy and restoring nonpartisan #leadership, back to it’s the citizens, and local business owners.

Who now know. That Denver can no longer sustain the record 10-year high in violent crimes, murders, home invasions, car theft, gun theft, smash and grabs. We could go on. And now the metro cities citizens making up the surrounding, capital city and county of Denver, Colorado. With its own record high crimes robberies, car theft, smash and grab, etc.

The good news, Denver’s silent majority of 100,000+ strong. This electoral wave is full of Independents, Democrats, Republicans,. All those suppressed citizens. Who have had tape on their mouths, since 1963. The unforgotten voters, and citizens who have not been able to get jobs with the city and county of Denver. Never able to get a city contract, as a vendor. Because people like Cary Kennedy, who ran for Governor and lost. But she still keeps her contract with city and county of Denver.

These voters are sick and tired of the Tami Doors of Denver, who get all the perks, and has the power to make or brake anyone who disagrees with self-absorbed Kleptocrats since 1963. That is 55 years of the same old song and dance. With all of them making all the money. Robbing the Coffers of the city and county of Denver’s Future.

On election Day, this ship of fools. Will be taken out of power hit by the silent nonpartisan wave. And the media, we don’t have enough room to list. But they are in the Clouds, and so are their journalist. Denver Voters are already talking, that the media; is up to their old shell games.

Their support for #TateforDenver, and #lisafordenvermayor. And to cover their asses they will start to interview everyone but Marcus Giavanni. The one person, that does not need to be Mayor. To win, and they will lose, like they have never felt before. Unless, they pull their heads from their asses. And they will have to use their journalist, as pawns, to save their shareholders from great losses.

The big losers, John Frank, Joey Bunch, and many, many more. You see folks, I now Bullshit. And these folks are the worse for Denver’s Social Credit System Rankings. And I really don’t care what happens to these low life writers. Who are all responsible for allowing denver to get to the 10-year record high of pure Bullshit!

The 100,000 who support the Iron Fist. They don’t’ want cooperate money, they don’t want two faced politicians. Who talk as if they will represent all voters, and once in office. They all work together to make things worse. I got you all beat by 8 years. I have been waiting for your hate. And we’ve seen your bias and fake coverage on 2019 Denver Municipal Elections Candidates. 

We have even started. We come to battle, we come to win. And I’m sounding the warning to the Kleptocrats. Who have become so embolden to what they have done to Denver. And their Bullshi of creating the 10-yer downfall. They promise to eradicate. How much sense is that folks? Wake Up All Voters, do your homework.

Defend Your Kingdom of Denver. And future generations to Come. Because, when the clock strikes 12:00:01 AM on 1-1-20. That makes three. And if you all could only see, our crystal ball. Just remember one thing the local Data Protection Authority. Will be the new leaders in removing bullshit form the Internet. And in less than 10 years All end users will be able to believe everything on the World Wide Web. 

All that I am, All That I have ever been, has brought me here to Denver. I love my silent majority citizens, and those citizens who have come to realize. They all need to do the right thing. And to let everyone know who we are on election day. On Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

For we are the Iron Fist. And All citizens will have a voice. And candidates like Penfield Tate Mayor of Denver 2019, and Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver 2019. Thank you for bankrolling our campaign. – Marcus Giavanni

2019 Denver Municipal Elections - #tatefordenver - #lisafordenvermayor
2019 Denver Municipal Elections - #tatefordenver - #itstime4lisa