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GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
Mayor Lisa Calderon: Lisa Calderon Attorney Latino Forum - Regis University - #TimesUpHancock 2018 -
Latino Forum - Time's Up Hancock - #tatefordenver | 

Lisa Calderon 

Latino Forum Veronica Barela Ean Tafoya Denver Mayoral Debates | #Lisa4denver - #Lisafordenvermayor | #Denver

Published Oct 17, 2018 8:32 PM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Mayor 2019 | Lisa Calderon Denver | Lisa Calderon Latino Forum Veronica Barela Ean Tafoya Denver Mayoral Debates | #lisafordenvermayor | Lisa For Denver Mayor Organization | Colorado Latino Forum | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | 1913 Nonpartisan vs Kleptocracy 2019

Lisa for Mayor of Denver - Lisa Calderon Latino Forum - - #lisa4denver #TimesUpHancock. Should Longtime Lisa for Mayor of Denver. Start telling Voters’; Lisa Calderon is trying to take over the city and county of Denver. With her longtime control of the Latino Community, who most Latinos, and Hispanics know, they all have been lied, and mislead.

Lisa Calderon Latino Forum Veronica Barela Ean Tafoya do not listen to the VOX Populi. Knowing that Lisa Calderon Latino Forum Veronica Barela Ean Tafoya the establishment. Knowing Latino’s did to like the fact there was no 2015 Denver Mayoral Debates. And the fact that in 2015 2nd Place winner; Candidate Marcus Giavanni (who himself is Latino 52% Latino) It appears that it’s not enough Latino for Lisa Calderon Latino Forum.

Tags: Lisa Calderon Latino ForumVeronica BarelaEan Thomas TafoyaLisa Calderon Latino Forum Veronica Barela Ean Tafoya, Lisa Calderon Latino Forum Veronica Barela ean Tafoya,


Does the #TimesUpHancock Movement, and the Time’s Up Hancock Rally put off enough red flags. As to #lisa4denver, #Lisafordenvermayor, and the Colorado Latino Forum. Many Latinos, and many other identities, and gender voter categorized voters. All question the “Legitimacy of the Colorado Latino Forum”.


Longtime Denver Voters, have seen the pattern, sine 2011. They have seen that everything that Lisa Calderon does is all about look at Lisa. And not Look at the real reasons, why Denver has reached 10-year record high violent crimes, murders, robberies, assaults, smash and grabs, Gun theft. And these folks are the enablers, they try to warn voters about Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.


Have you all been to the Colorado Latino Forum Website? Identity Based Developers have been indexing this organization for many years. And the new team is full of the new establishment. These folks are trying to create to another monopoly government takeover. To replace mayor of Denver Michael Hancock.


The Colorado Latino Forum has now added Veronica Barela, Ean Thomas Tafoya. All the people Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock has helped, has acknowledged, and glorified. And now, these longtime supporters, have found a way to stick the knife in not only the back of Mayor Hancock. But a knife in the hearts of denver voters’, who they think are stupid, naiveté.

Only Lisa Calderon, knows what best for all Voters. And that Lisa Calderon represents all voters and listens to all voices of the people. Is 100% Certified to be not true. Mierda! I’m sorry folks. But enough is enough. And Denver Voters are sick and tired of being played and used as pawns. Especially, their children; being used as pawns, to use to demonstrate, and miss school. .


Denver Voters are on to Lisa for Mayor of Denver. They have been for many years. And it really came to light with the 2015, Denver Municipal Elections. It was bad enough in 2011, Denver Municipal Elections.


As Lisa Calderon Latino Forum staged the #TimesUpHancock Movement. And did not invite other candidates, and leaders to come forward. Lisa Calderon dd what she does best. Hog the limelight, and the look at mee event. And use her puppet Kayvan Khalatbari (Chickenman) to try to establish they are the only ones who are the activist, and vocal against Denver mayor Michael Hancock.


Los votantes latinos de Denver se están uniendo a los votantes negros y todas las demás identidades y etiquetas de género. Que Lisa Calderón, ha estado pasando el guión durante muchos años. En todos los Citzens de Denver. ¡Y todos están hartos de su Mierda!