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GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
Lisa Calderon Denver Mayor - #lisafordenvermayor
Lisa Calderon Denver Mayor - #lisafordenvermayor

Published Oct 10, 2018 12:08 PM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Mayor 2019 | Lisa Calderon Denver | #lisafordenvermayor | Lisa Calderon Denver Mayor | #itstime4lisa | Lisa For Denver Mayor Organization | Colorado Latino Forum | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | 1913 Nonpartisan vs Kleptocracy 2019

Mayor 2019 - Lisa Calderon Denver - - #lisafordenvermayor – Lisa Calderon of the Colorado Latino Forum. Where were you all when Voters where asking, “Why was there no 2015 Denver Mayor Debate”.

What happened to defending not only Latinos, but other father losing their children from Magistrate Karen Hubler, and Judge Elizabeth Leigh. Why did you take my children for 6 months, after I was diagnosed with a carotid Aneurysm. Why did you blow me off, when the mother of my children ex attorney, appointed Magistrate judge for the Denver Family court, and the intake judge.

To which I went through all the so-called father’s right attorneys who are mostly all full of Money. And do not really represent the single father. So, I had to file my own Recusal of Magistrate Karen Hubler, who falsely, allowed Monica Jackson, file a summary Judgment against me. And take $13,300 dollars from my car accident money. When in fact the courts ruled I paid and did not owe any back-child support to which I am still paying $60 per month for back child support to this day of October 10, 2018.

I have paid child Support 3 times same amount $13,300 x 3. How do I pay back child support, when my ex bailed in 2014. And I have been a full-time single Father. And was told if I push the matter any further. I would be put in jail. My civil rights, and my children’s civil rights have been violated since 2007.

The media, the attorneys, and even the great Lisa Calderon who helps everyone, like Penfield Tate. You all are some corrupt fakers!

Oh, did my words hurt you! Do you all need a safe place to go cry? Trust me. This is why I will be the next Mayor of Denver, Colorado.

Lisa For Denver Mayor
Lisa for Denver Mayor
Lisa for Denver Mayor - #lisafordenvermayor - #lisa4denver - Who Will Be Mayor Marcus Giavanni
Lisa for Denver Mayor - #lisafordenvermayor - #lisa4denver - Who Will Be Mayor Marcus Giavanni
Lisa For Denver Mayor: Lisa Calderon for Denver Mayor in 2019 - #lisa4denver - #lisafordenvermayor 
Published Oct 19, 2018 9:19 PM by Marcus Giavanni - GP7A News - Lisa For Denver Mayor 2019  - #lisafordenvermayor - #lisa4denver - GP7A News 2018

Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver 2019. What happened To Calderon when Denver Did not hold a 2015 Denver Mayoral Debate. Candidate Calderon stood silent, acting as if Latinos… did not want a Denver Mayoral Debate in 2015. Candidate Lisa Calderon, may become the next women Mayor. Calderon has lost all Credibility Relevance Wisdom. She and here followers over the years. Just don’t know that yet. Denver Voters are sick of establishment who continue the monopoly. And keep other Candidates from Speaking Here is some proof. #Timesuphancock Movement.

The Woman Candidate Calderon has been categorized as an establishment Kleptocrat. The Next Mayor Marcus Giavanni, has indexed all the players involved since 2011. In 2015 Denver’s Government was Categorized as a Monopoly Government. In 2019, A vote for any of these Kleptocrats on the Denver’s Ship of Fools. Who think they are going to Bullshit the entire electoral voters in the city and county of Denver. Like they have since 1963. And it’s been verified since 2011, 2015, and now 2018. The City and County of Denver


Latino Forum 2015 Event – “Here are your future Attorneys, Judges, Politicians. We need to Support Our Latino community. These Are Our Future Employees and Business Owners” – 2015 Incumbent Michael Hancock's 2nd Term. Latinos after the Event. “Giavanni aren’t you Latino???. “Yes, I am 52% Central American, 46% Iberian, 3% West Nigerian, 1% Jew! Adopted in an Irish Roman Catholic Republican Family who adopted 7 children. – Marcus Giavanni


Muchos latinos están enojados Lisa Calderon Denver Next Mayor Marcus Giavanni Mayor Tate III. Los latinos llaman a Marcus Giavanni el puño de hierro y la voz del pueblo. El pueblo unido jamás será vencido. Lisa Calderón no tiene credibilidad Relevancia Sabiduría fuera de los círculos de Lisa Calderón