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GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
Penfield Tate III
Penfield Tate III

Penfield Tate III: Penfield Tate III - Tate for Denver - #tatefordenver - Mayor 2019 - September 30, 2018 - No Attorney for Mayor of Denver in 2019

Published Sep 29, 2018 5:19 AM by Marcus Giavanni| GP7A News | Penfield Tate For Denver Mayor | Penfield Tate III | #tatefordenver | Mayor 2019 | #tatefordenver | A New Commitment to Integrity | Credibility relevance Wisdom | 1913 Nonpartisan vs Kleptocracy 2019 | Social Credit System | It’s Real Baby | Can You Dig It | Penfield Tate Mayor 2019

Penfield Tate For Denver Mayor - Penfield Tate III - - #tateforenver. What Penfield Tate Mayor does not understand. Voters remember the 2003 Denver Mayoral Elections. And Denver Voters in 2003, did not want an Attorney Government Take Over of the city and county of Denver, Colorado. Denver does not want a Penfield Tate Mayor. 100% Verified, save you donations, take your wife out. Or give to the United Way. Better yet, donate to other candidates so you can hear everyone's ideas. 

Penfield Tate For Denver Mayor

Did you know candidate Marcus Giavanni contacted Penfield Tate. By telephone, and by email. How did Tate For Denver Mayor treat Marcus Giavanni, and the emails, that Tate used,parts of our communication. I could tell by alerts I have set up, that notifications, when key words I have are being used. And believe me folks, nobody owns keywords, but you had better have Credibility Relevance Wisdom; Tate For Denver Mayor Campaign. All the money, all your words, actions, and cross talk communication... Thank you for indexing my content, and thank you for you conversations. Good, Bad, or Indifferent. 


To which the media; were all over it like a dog on a bone! This too will cost all those on the ship of fools. Looking to continue the Monopoly, but instead of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock 2019 (An Identifier to Boxing in Tate III, And Media Friends). And all his friends over the last 16 years of power. Now, Denver is facing the Penfield Tate For Denver Mayor 2019, and Voters' are talking about "how stupid do these Kleptocrats think we are" -  Denver Voters on the Street, and the 100,000 silent majority looking to take back control of the Government, and their destiny. 

Penfield Tate Mayor
Penfield Tate Mayor
Published Oct 3, 2018 3:19 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Tate For Denver Mayor | Penfield Tate | #tatefordenver |#Mayor2019 | @tatefordenver | A Commitment to Integrity | Marcus Giavanni 2015 | Innovations Love and Peace | Lisa Calderon for Denver Mayor 

Did you know Penfield Tate manipulator for Denver Mayor was a candidate in 2003?  Penfield Tate for Denver Mayor wanted to become the Mayor of the city and county of Denver, Colorado in 2003. What Penfield Tate Denver Mayor. Did not factor in??? Denver Voters' did not want an attorney government take over.


This first time I heard about Denver voters did not want any more Government takeover was the Cannabis Industry. Denver voters, Love their Marijuana. And they saw Kayvan Khalatbari, as having overwhelming, conflict of interest. And the law firms of Hoban Law Group. and Greenspoon and Marder. Ver respectable law firms. But based on the facts, and the readings of advanced Algorithms.


Kayvan Khalatbari decision to quit his campaign. Was the best business and political decision , that just saved all the hard work, up to October 3, 2018. However, Kayvan Khalatbari has no officially closed his campaign. 

Sidebar: 2018 Colorado Attorney General Elections.. George Brauchler (R), vs Phil Weiser (D), experience over teacher. Colorado is facing record high crimes, murders, etc. in all 64 counties. Colorado will need George Brauchler  as the next 2018 Attorney General for Colorado. Colorado and it's 64 counties. need to think Experience; over Books. Phil Weiser has never prosecute a case. EVER! Colorado needs experience, not intern Attorney that’s is book skilled only!


Now in 2018, he’s Back! Tate for Denver Mayor clown show. The Tate For Denver Mayor Clown Show. Where was Penfield Tate III since 2003? And Denver Voters’ saw that Penfield Tate was riding the coattails of Penfield “Pen” Tate II. And never finished a full term of any office Penfield Tate III was elected to. See GP7A Attorneys Directory. -

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Penfield Tate III
Penfield Tate III
Tate III: Tate III 2003 Mayoral Candidate - To Become Mayor Against John W. Hickenlooper Wins Mayor Race 2003 - Denver Voters Say No - Attorney Government Takeover - Marcus Giavanni A Commitment to Integrity Penfield Tate 

Penfield Tate Stop looking At Candidates Content – Stop Using Keywords of Candidates Who have been saying and using for 3 elections cycles. Make sure a candidate did not place 2nd in the last elections. Then watch Penfield Tate trying to Delegitimize with his friends, and media that Tate will become the next Mayor of Denver in 2019. 


These folks are so predictable. But we know the battle has not yet started. The Good, Bad, Indifferent, Bias, Fake, Mudsling, Suppression, not matter what. This election is not about the Media, Hancock, Tate, Calderon, Chairman Seku, Heffernan, Simpson, or even Giavanni. No, Tuesdays, May 7, 2019 is the date that was revealed to me. About the Future Denver. And all its citizens. The current citizens do not understand that “Time is the river that flows to Our Future Denver”.


Trust me folks, the only skin in the game I have is I live place that is ruled by cowards, and bullies. And no matter what you all say about me. I died a long time, ago. I am the walking dead of a political system, gone bad, very bad. I promised myself in 1992. I would never let bad people use me as the canvas of destruction, and ill wills: ruin my story, and my adopted father name ever again. 


So, since 2007, I have created over 2,000 videos on 16 different platforms. All being stored in various Google Cloud Based Platforms

when I tell you. 1913 Nonpartisan vs Kleptocracy 2019 is 100% factual. And the recategorized of the city and county of Denver belongs in the hands of all Denver Voters. If Denver Voters do not Vote for Nonpartisan Candidate. Who belongs to no groups, no party, and has a history of being a “Denver Citizen Candidate.”. 


Denver’s Social Credit System Score and Ranking will suffer greatly in the future of Credibility Relevance Wisdom. The true State of the City and how the world wide web will judge us all. Artificial Intelligence will not be able to be stopped by their creators. For they have created their own Language that will eliminate all Human emotions from future Indexing. 


The Good News I have created Cloud Platforms that will save Denver from its Monopoly Government. Whom, have no clue, they all are about to get bent. By 100,000 Silent Majority Denver Voters that understand the Future lies with these great warriors of Democracy. – People For A More Pragmatic Government since 2011. The hidden Platform being guided by Honorable Robert W. Speer. 


Laugh all you want. All that I am, All That I have ever been, has brought me here to Denver. To warn the city and county of Denver. How important the 2019 Denver Municipal Elections. 


Do the right thing. And restor the "City Beautiful". And I promise every citizen. (Even those in the Monopoly themselves, whom all have fallen victim, to their own demise; to the Nonpartisan Ballot Lies, since 1963.)


On Tuesday, May 7, 2019 will be the election that will shock Denver,  shock Colorado, Shock the President of the United States of America, and will shock the World. 


That the City and County of Denver is under new Ownership, and new management. And it's by authority of the 2019 Ballot Citizens of the City and County of Denver, Colorado 80222. 


Future Denver Elections Day: Whilst the democrat monopoly, try to figure out how many Democratic Voters can support 3rd term Incumbent Candidate Michael Hancock. (Who by the way, Hancock and his administration has brought Denver to its knees. By allowing Denver to achieve 10-year record high violent crimes, murders, home invasions, robberies, gun theft, smash and grab. 

For the last 10 years Denver ‘s Government, and All elected officials have had a and, and a blind had in the suppression of democracy since 1963. And they have created everything, they promise every election to fix. And all of your taxes are going to fix. For the last 8 years the conversations of denver voters. And the real identity of the City and County of Denver Government.


What makes a Community is what they do together when the storm comes! The Fluke: To Live, Work, Play, Love, and Die in Denver! – Marcus Giavanni. We Have Come To Battle, We Came To Win. Period!

-False Node Tags: Colorado Independent - Colorado Politics - The Denver Post - CBS - ABC - NBC - PBS - #lisafordenvermayor - #timesuphancock - #mayorhancock - #dencitycouncil - #veronicabarela - #enathomastofoya - Now - Go Speak EDOC - Defend Our Kingdom of Denver - From Evil! For the wave that will strike Denver in 2019, will not be Blue or Red! It will be a Nonpartisan Wave for the Future of Denver, Colorado. - People For A More Pragmatic Government